There are many ways to get involved with the Corporate Startup Lab!

Become a partner for our new project course and take action on unexplored ideas.

Next Spring (January 2018), we will be launching a new project based course where we apply these tools on specific ideas companies are looking to explore.  We are specifically looking for 4 - 5 companies to sponsor a project around one idea that they’ve had internally but not yet had an opportunity to explore.  We will put together an interdisciplinary team of 6 - 8 graduate students across computer science, business, design, and information systems and/or policy where relevant, to work with you to explore it.  This will give you a chance to: (a) meet some really talented graduate students who may be great resources to join your firm post-graduation (b) see these tools in action on ideas you’re interested in for your business and (c) possibly validate an idea for further funding toward developing a new product or service.  


Try out our tools and share your feedback.

If you’re particularly interested in the development of any of our tools, we are interested in opportunities to try them out in your organization.  We are especially looking for a few organizations that would like to try out our Innovation Culture, Collaboration & Coordination Assessment.


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